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Attorney Andre P. Gaston has been connected in the Midwest legal community for nearly 10 years.  Being formally educated at The Indiana University School of Law, he has shaped the development of his practice with his extensive involvement with the legal communities from Indianapolis to Chicago.  His involvement with businesses and community has established him as a well respected figure in the legal community.

Our practice embraces the needs of businesses as well as individuals and reflects the varied needs of the clients in Illinois to assisting clients in Washington State. The focus of our practice ranges from contract disputes and conflict resolution to a vigorous criminal law practice in both State and Federal Court.  The Law Office of Andre P. Gaston  was founded by an individual whose academic accomplishments began at the University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill to his distinguished Moot Court accomplishments and solid academic record at Indiana University School of Law.  Mr. Gaston is a fierce negotiator having resolved Medicaid issues for mental health clients to successfully negotiating bad faith claims without the costly expense of going to trial.   The firm utilizes the latest technology in legal research, providing the firm with instant case information.  Mr. Gaston’s incredible ability to negotiate and litigate claims successfully is a hallmark of his professionalism and list of solid results.